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National Employment Counseling Association

NECA follows the guidelines established by the National Task Force on Continuing Education, commissioned by the Bureau of Education (now the Department of Education) in 1968.  The Council on the Continuing Education Unit (CCEU) gathered academic, business, and education experts from around the country to define and promote the use of a single consistent unit of measurement for continuing education.  The Continuing Education Unit, or CEU, came into existence, defined as "ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction." 

NECA has a long history of excellence and has endeavored to strictly follow the Council's core criteria and guidelines.

  • We ensure that individuals at NECA Events are qualified to present their subject matter.

  • We ensure that participants attend the presentions for which they ask credit.

  • We require participants to evaluate the experience.

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To identify and develop leaders who want to make a positive impact and difference in the world.



To equip youth (ages 13-24) with esteem, confidence, self-motivation and life-long skills though positive programs and messaging.



 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization



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YELD is a 501 (c) tax exempt organization

Contributions are tax deductible 


There is a need to develop the next generation of leaders and motivate our peers for self-reliance in employment, obtaining licenses, and handling money. There is also a need for generations to work together regardless of environment. 


Age 20

Baltimore, Maryland

It is important to engage youth because we are only of glimpse of what we can be. If you do not connect with us now we can end up making the same mistakes as in the past and not learn from our experiences.

We have the ability to determine the kind of world we want to live in and change some of the views that we learned early in life.

College Student,

Age 19

Chicago, Illinois

College Student,

Age 21

San Antonio, Texas  

 I feel most millennials have the mindset of life being a competition and having to perform better than the other. We want to be better than each other and with that, my generation lacks the ability to work together to accomplish similar goals.

I have noticed that if one person doesn't have what another person does, or if one's path looks completely different from their own, that is taken as a sign of discouragement... As if their path or life isn't as purposeful.

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