program  overview 


An innovative and unique inside-out self-development process;

An evidence-based approach that focuses on critical

elements that promote personal ln, and reflection to 

strengthen and perpetuate success behaviors; 


Rising Stars provides a firm foundation to prepare all

young people for life-long learning, development, and



A development process that is reinforced through on-

going engagement, action, and reflection to strengthen

and perpetuate success behaviors; 


The Rising Stars program provides a firm foundation to prepare all young people for life-long learning, development, and achievement.

 Student Ambassadors

Listen to learn!
Engage to exchange!
Advocate for self & others!
Develop  social-emotionally   
Empower Self  & Others
Resilient & resourceful
Stars in the making  






Rising Stars Curriculum

 The Rising Stars Curriculum can be purchased separately  

 Expected Outcomes

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