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About Us

The Youth Engagement and Leadership Development (YELD) Facilitator training is an on-Line Certification. The underlying  philosophy for training facilitators embodies an innovative self- discovery process. This innovative approach is designed to support and equip  facilitators in their day to day work with diverse youth groups. The YELD approach provides  increased understanding  and responsiveness to challenges and needs  facing today’s youth. As facilitators grasp this approach, they are able to increase their effectiveness in engaging and developing youth.  

Call to Action

  • YELD Facilitators have a passion for working with youth. 

  • YELD Facilitators  create  pathways for positive youth development.  

  • YELD Facilitators promote positive engagement and leadership development.   

  • YELD Facilitators have a desire to make a difference in the life of young people!

  • YELD Facilitators work in schools, colleges, recreation centers, and institutional settings.

Who are YELD Facilitators?

Lynn D., NECA Past  President​, College Internship Program

Lynn is a collegiate career development administrator. She is responsible for an internship program that serves approximately 200 students.  Lynn's call is to reach out, one soul at a time, to help others find meaning and purpose in life, and ultimately, to find a relationship with the Creator who gives life and purpose. 


Dr. Parks, Pastor & Community Leader

Joseph is an ordained, Baptist minister who has been pastoring for over 25 years. He conducts seminars on leadership, management, and the plight of the Black Men. He is the founder of Trendsetters, USA, a program which encourages the personal, cultural, spiritual, and academic development.

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Dr. Ives, Facilitator/Coach 

Sujata has been educating, mediating, and empowering individuals for over two decades. She is an advocate of innovation and social change, and as a “worker bee”, you will immediately notice her zest and creativity to improve this world.

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Sola  A.,  International Ministry & Facilitator

Sola facilitates youth development workshops. As an advocate for at-risk youth, she is committed to having a meaningful impact and believes that youth requires her authenticity, commitment, and the right learning approach.


Edward P., CPCC, Business Consultant, Trainer

Edward has extensive experience facilitating business and personal development roundtables for CEOs. Ed conducts youth workshops and works with youth as a  gifted and holistic math tutor. He is a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer and speaker, addressing generational issues in the workplace.


Victoria R, MA, Youth Program Manager & Social Justice Advocate 

Victoria is a program manager in a community nonprofit. She has a passion for working with girls. Victoria is a social justice advocate who believes that  “Happiness can even be found in dark times if you only remember to turn on the light.”

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The Youth Engagement and Leadership Development (YELD) program was created by Cadre Management Consulting &Training. We specialize in innovative and custom designed training that is purposeful, meaningful, and results-oriented. Our training is designed to make a difference!  The next step?


                                       FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION!

Dr. Cheryl West, Exec MPA, M. Div.                 CADREYELD, Founder/CEO                               

National Employment Counseling Association


NECA is a division of the American Counseling Association and founded to implement practical interventions to enhance employability and long term employment.  

 CADREYELD provides leadership assessments, webinars, seminars, and customized training and programs. Our result-oriented solutions are research-based, sustainable, and supported by best practices.


Collaboration, Action, Development, Results, Empowerment  
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