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  • Youth Trainers                

  • Life Coaches                            

  • Case Managers                         

  • Youth Advocates                    

  • Youth Ministers

  • Mentors  

  • Program Managers 

  • Career Facilitators            

  • Teachers

  • Life Skills Instructors 

  • Recreation Youth Workers

  • Guidance Counselors   

  • Job Search Instructors

  • Career Development Facilitators

  • Workforce Development Professionals 

  • Organization Leaders 

Dr. Michael Lazarchick | NECA Professional Development

 Why the National Employment Counseling Association provides the YELD Certification

  • Young people and those who professionally interact with young people (thus becoming role models) deserve the best tools and the highest quality of education available, delivered in a rejuvenating format with passion.

  • Fostering viable youth engagement and leadership helps young people strategically and sustainably respond to issues within their communities that impact their lives.

  • Healthy engagement better prepares youth for the workforce, developing work ethics and skills in problem-solving, creativity, communication, social interactions, teamwork, and leadership.

  • Successful educational experiences that are interactive and fun with a researched based mix of cognitive and “hands-on” processes stimulate the desire for further exploration.

  • Resilience, self-esteem, positive thinking, high expectations, achieving goals, empowerment and accepting personal responsibility, all lead to optimal performance and finding a “voice,” needed to be competitive in a global 21st-century economy.

As educators, we must take into consideration the whole youth: mind, body, spirit. We cannot continue to lose as many young people as we do because of low expectations or declining success in school. Seemingly, we continue to decrease our expectations of what they can do and what we can do under these circumstances. Today's youth struggle with a myriad of decisions, life challenges, and overwhelming experiences.


Teachers are challenged with finding approaches and learning processes that work for all children. Our youth need to know that teachers care about their well-being in the classroom and their success in life. There are proven approaches that work and are inclusive of the diversity of students’ needs. Communities must move beyond the talking phase. We know we are in crisis and it’s time to provide educators, teachers, and facilitators with training and skills that better equip students for academic and life success.

Rose Varner-Gaskins | President Emeritus  

                   Includes Leadership Assessment, Course Materials,                      Individual Coaching and Ongoing Support 

 Scholarships are available for teachers and nonprofit youth workers. 
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