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YELD Academy

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The YELD Academy is the youth component of the YELD program for 8th through 12th graders. The YELD Youth Leadership Academy is a certificate program focusing on leadership development and global citizenship. YELD incorporates relevant, age-appropriate research and evidenced-based practices and resources designed to improve leadership skills, self-efficacy, cultural identity, social and cultural competencies.  YELD brings together leaders to share their knowledge, expertise and success strategies to support the implementation of quality programs for youth.


  • Provide youth with resources, expertise, and coaching to become leaders and global citizens.  


  • Develop personalized leadership development portfolio aligned with youth purpose, passion, and goals for success.  



Through, experiential learning, engagement with peers and professionals, and exposure to researched-based practices, YELD program goals will be met.


Outcomes - Skills & Behaviors

  • Youth will learn how to use image-based and collaborative learning activities to promote critical thinking and reflective dialogue

  • Youth will understand the power of their identity and how to effectively and confidently use their leaderships skills to engage diverse groups and cultures

  • Youth will utilize social media to discover the power of their voice through positive messages and storytelling

  • Youth will gain knowledge of the dynamics of local and global communication, privilege, oppression, and the role of social justice in society

  • Youth will be able to apply lived experiences into their ongoing leadership development

  • Youth will demonstrate practical 21st Century skills, self-efficacy, confidence and respect for others

  • Youth will demonstrate application of new knowledge through group discussion, individual activities, homework assignments and a final project

  • Youth possess the skills and positive behaviors as community advocates, global citizens, and social change agents

  • Youth receive YELD certificate of completion and portfolio

  • Youth complete the YELD Leadership Academy equipped to positively impact their local and global community



Identity, Attitude & Behavior

Attitude is everything and self-awareness of identity influences behavior. In this module youth analyze and discuss self-assessments to reflect on how their self-image impacts their ability to develop as leaders. Youth will identify relevant strategies they need to navigate complex cultural and social dynamics, and resources needed to succeed in school and life.

Leadership Development

Leadership qualities are an essential ingredient necessary to successfully navigate the various stages of developmental in life. In this this module, Youth learn about the    fundamentals of leadership from a practical and theoretical perspective, and 21st century skills they need to succeed in a diverse global society.

Community Service

Exposing youth to civic activities motivates them to develop an awareness and concern for their community. In this module, youth are presented with opportunities to work together to improve where they live, learn and play. Engagement with youth facilitators challenges youth to act on issues impacting their school and community.

Global Citizenship

Engagement in experiential and inquiry-based learning prepare youth to develop their potential to become global citizens and leaders of social change in a complex world. In this module, youth develop their advocacy skills by exploring and engaging in innovative social justice and educational equity activities with youth around the world.

       YELD                   Instructor 

Sasha E. Butler | President - Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions

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