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The YELD Summit will serve as forum for professionals who engage youth, highlight youth engagement programs and highlight youth leaders in action. The summit will provide a solution-oriented approaches to existing gaps in responding to today's youth.  The Summit will also serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue as well as a call to action.


The YELD Summit is designed to encourage local and global youth and to develop ways to better involve young people in the work of their community.


The YELD Summit will be coordinated by InXcellence Consulting in partnership with business, nonprofits, educational institutions and faith-based organizations. 


If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please contact us for information!





Sasha E. Butler | President - Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions

Why Should You Attend the YELD Summit?


  • Learn about challenges and opportunities across a diverse range of youth contexts

  • Discuss current issues facing youth and provide theoretical and practical best practices

  • Overcome current attitudes and social norms creating barriers to student development and achievement

  • Explore emerging ways to introduce and implement positive youth engagement and leadership strategies

  • Receive a clear path to Youth Development and Leadership Development certification through online on on-site professional development programming

  • Build relationships and network with colleagues and the organizations they represent

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