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TheTeam:  Rising Stars Leaders, Mentors & Coaches


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 Hi, I am Catrinia

I serve on the board of YELD as Vice Chair and bring over 20 years of experience working with children and youth of all ages.

I  go by “Coach Catrina” as  lead  Louisa57, a coaching practice,  a business dedicated to helping clients to “Mind Your Mind”.


I have a degree in psychology; and, I am an author,  life coach and hold several additional certifications.  I work  my brother in a ministry called 'Breath of Life Come As You Are'.  I am a dedicated mother, sister, and trusted friend.


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 Hello, my name is Angela

I serve on the YELD Board and  I’m a youth and young adult advocate. I served as a teacher and Director of the Children’s Ministry at CXP Church in Baltimore for many years.


Currently I’m one of the Founders of We Are Loved, a nonprofit organization where we engage and develop   youth and young adults in the Edmondson Village Community.


Our vision and mission is to provide tools to promote self respect, self love, and solving conflict in a nonviolent manner while providing resources for a successful life.


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Hi, I am Shar


I  am on the YELD Board and I have over seven years as a youth supervisor and mentor.  I am people-oriented and love to talk about ideas and plans. My goal has always been to help others. Service to others allows me to be myself and continuously discover things about my life, how to be my best and use my potential.

I have several talents and I am an aspiring entrepreneur.

I have an Associate’s in early childhood education and believe that life, while a journey, is about growth and being the best that you can be. I am the father of two beautiful little girls. I am Shar, and this is my story.               I would love to know yours!

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